New Harmony Habitat is our vision of a new paradigm in low cost senior living and animal rescue.  It is a solution to two pressing needs in the Coachella Valley. An Affordable housing community for the ever-growing over 55+ population that also includes a sanctuary for the large number of senior dogs and cats.

The Coachella Valley is the perfect retirement location for seniors and their pets. New Harmony Habitat is a low-cost rental community for seniors on a fixed budget who want to share their lives with senior dogs and cats.  Seniors not only get to keep their beloved pets but will offer care and companionship for the rescued senior pets who want to live out their lives with love and comfort.

Subsidized housing, with innovative designs and materials, in a range to fit any budget will be nestled on grounds that will also include dog parks, vet care and social activities for people and pets.

New Harmony Habitat offers a lifestyle that is a dream for the pet lover and a life saver for senior dogs and cats.

Palm Springs, California      |     |      760-459-7802

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